Poker Tells: Talking Tells



Answer: Weakness


If during a hand your opponent's conversation is choppy (or Jibber Jabber as Negreanu would say) then it means his mind is elsewhere and that he is not very confident. This correlates to a weak hand. If your opponent is strong his conversation is usually smooth and confident. This is why you will notice the pros on TV asking their opponents questions during the hand (like how many chips they have left). They are trying to get their opponent to speak in order to pick up a tell on them by how they talk. Remember, if someone asks you how many chips you have left you do NOT have to answer this question. Just make sure your opponent can see your chips and he can figure out how many chips you have himself. If he wants an exact count he can ask the dealer to count your chips. You are not required to count your chips for anybody. You may unknowingly give off some tells by speaking or counting your chips, especially if you are not that experienced. You will never see Doyle Brunson counting his chips for anybody on High Stakes Poker.


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