10. Tilting.



This is the last of the topics but very well may be the most important and most difficult to overcome. First you have to realize that everyone goes on tilt (some just worse then others and for longer periods of time). Poker is a sick game and some days the deck just kicks you in the face. When you take a bad beat or even lose a flip for a big pot it is normal to get angry and want to get that money back. The first step is realizing when you are tilting. It does you no good to tell yourself that your not on tilt when you are. Just admit it to yourself and deal with it. One of the best ways to deal with it is to take a break from playing. Even if it is only for a few minutes. Give yourself a chance to calm down and realize that it was only one hand and that it is just part of poker. Now you have to watch how you are playing. Am I playing more hands then I usually do? Am I calling raises with hands that I normally don't? Am I raising more? Raising with hands I normally don't? If you are then you are still tilting and should quit for awhile. There will always be a game online the next day. Improve your poker game.


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