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Are You A Poker Fish? Take The Test!

Question #1

1. Do you like to play almost every hand?

Question #2

2. Do you have a hard time folding KK or QQ even after an Ace hits the flop?

Question #3

3. When you flop a strong hand do you make oversized all in bets?

Question #4

4. Do you make a lot of pre-flop minimum raises?

Question #5

5. When someone bets into you after you flopped a big hand do you make small re-raises?

Question #6

6. When you win a bit of money do you immediately start playing higher stakes?

Question #7

7. Do you always make small deposits?

Question #8

8. When there's a raise in front of you pre-flop and you have AA or KK do you make a small re-raise?

Question #9

9. Do you always chase your flush regardless of the size of the bet your facing?

Question #10

10. After you lose a big pot do you start playing like a crazed maniac?